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Fully Booked for Weekends in June!! Thank You!

Be A Guest, At Your Next Party!

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We know its Hot outside, but never too early to book your Holiday Cocktail Party!
We will be closed the 4th of July weekend so teams get a well deserved break!

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy Your Party! 

Professional, friendly staff. Bartenders are TIPS Certified. Servers are ServSafe Certified.

Now accepting bookings for 2025! 
Graduations, Showers, Celebrations of Life, Birthdays, Luncheons and Dinner Parties!

Let us take care of your set up, service and clean up at your next event. Bartenders, Waitstaff, and Kitchen help.

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Detroit Mixologist

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About Pamela Paris

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy Your Party! 

Customer Service isn't just for a special occasion.  Pamela Paris-Owner, discovered early in her career the importance of Old Style Customer Service.  Trained by one of the Masters in GP, some 30 years ago, he would say "Welcome" to every client that entered his establishment making each client feel at home and appreciated.

Pamela also spent 17 years working for a large Corporate Event Company. Realizing there was a need in the residential staffing area, she merged the two ideas together.

In the beginning, PES were all young Mom's with small children helping other working Mothers with parties.  A group of well organized, problem solving women. In 2018 Paris Event Services was born.

Pamela is insistent about meeting all of her clients, taking the time to visit their homes, to fully understand what the clients expectations and needs are.  She takes the time to match up the right team with the client, that is where Paris Event Services differ greatly from other staffing company's and she takes great pride in her ability to communicate well with clients.

Teams are trained to treat client's and guests like they are their own.  Not only do we provide staffing, but we provide an eye on all the details during and event, from fluffing pillows so your rooms always look perfect to assisting an elderly guest with a helping hand.

Pamela is TIPS Certified, Sersafe Certified and is working on her Servsafe Manager Certification.

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